We are a team of visuals who are here to ease your way, from idea to visual and tangible production. We are the people that care, that listen, that understand and then produce your idea. We believe that building a strong connection with our client is our way of creative production, for the most accurate representation and the most innovative visual aesthetics.

who are we - bcatelier

We practice our visual wizardry by cohesively combining our visual wits and communication skills. The complementary team of high-end photographers and complex graphic designers with over a decade of experience, delivers the best visual production of your ideas.

Nice to meet you, even nicer to produce your ideas!
why are yoy here

Our main goal is to capture the essence of a product or a brand, reinforcing it visually. And of course, have answer to all your questions:

Servicii BCatelier
where can you find us

Bucharest taught us to plan our ideas ahead, so we have attached both a studio and a workshop to our services, as recreational spots for our clients’ ideas and creative oasis for us, visual makers.

  • Design

    We put your ideas into graphic perspective or turn them straight into objects in the workshop in Piata Amzei


    We turn your ideas into visual wizardry in the Studio on Popa Tatu 72 Street, where all the production is put together into the best visual packaging you have ever imagined

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